Live! From the Cantina: A Funky Star Wars Jazz tribute

Created by Brian Ibbott

The Andrew Allen Trio is following up their popular Star Trek, Video Game and Superhero CDs with a tribute to the music of Star Wars!

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You did it!
over 7 years ago – Tue, May 26, 2015 at 03:48:56 PM

Thanks to you guys, this album is happening!

Which is a good thing, since I sent the band to Nashville last week to record it.

There's still just under a day left on the campaign, if you want to recommend the project to anyone else, or if you want to increase your pledge.

Shorty - hopefully tomorrow - I'll have a mockup of the USB Flash Drive model that we're looking at for the $99 and above backers. The current plan is that it will be a block of carbonite, with the edges of a piano keyboard, a bass guitar and a drum poking through the top. I have top men working on the design as we speak. Top men. (I know, wrong movie)

Keep an eye out!

Listen to a sampler of tracks form the album!
over 7 years ago – Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 06:58:07 PM

Andrew, Byron, Truman and Bradley have returned form Wildwood Studios in Nashville, and we've got the rough cuts of the new album on their way to get mixed and mastered!

Here's a shot from the final day of recording:

(l to r) Brendan Harkin, Bradley Esau, Andrew Allen, Truman House, Byron House, David
(l to r) Brendan Harkin, Bradley Esau, Andrew Allen, Truman House, Byron House, David

 The studio time was overseen by Wildwood Studio owner & producer, Brendan Harkin (former member of bands Starz and Looking Glass), and his assistant David. And along with the lineup that made Free Play so great, they've added Bradley Esau on Saxophone to add some additional depth to the album. I've been listening to the rough cuts for the last 24 hours, and I've really been loving it.

Want a sample? Of course you do. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this is pre-mixed and pre-mastered audio, so it's going to sound even better when you get your copy!

If you've already backed the project, thanks for your support! Please let people know about it, especially fans of jazz or Star Wars!

If you haven't backed yet, time's running out!