Live! From the Cantina: A Funky Star Wars Jazz tribute

Created by Brian Ibbott

Live! From the Cantina: A Funky Star Wars Jazz tribute
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The Andrew Allen Trio is following up their popular Star Trek, Video Game and Superhero CDs with a tribute to the music of Star Wars!

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Bonus Tracks

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Live From The Cantina Bonus Tracks
Bonus Tracks recorded for the Live! From the Cantina session!


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Learn About Our Project:

(Update Apr. 20 - music sampler from recording sessions!)

The Andrew Allen Trio is back, with a brand new album paying tribute to one of the most iconic soundtracks in film history: The music of Star Wars!

Why Star Wars?

Following the success of 'Smooth Federation' (covering the music of Star Trek), 'Free Play' (interpreting the music of video games), and 'Secret Identity' (covering the music of Marvel & DC TV shows and movie themes), we've always had plans to do a Star Wars album somewhere in the lineup. It was inevitable. We grew up with all of these songs. And with the new movie coming out this year, we (and everyone else, of course) have Star Wars fever, and the time for this album couldn't be better. Whether it's the fanfare of the theme, the longing melodies of "Han Solo and the Princess", the excitement of "Duel of the Fates", or the foreboding danger of "The Imperial March", these songs have become as important to the films as the stories and characters.

The Band

For this album, we're going back to Nashville to record with the same lineup as we did with 'Free Play'. Andrew Allen will be joined again by Byron House (from Robert Plant's Band of Joy) on bass, and Truman House on drums. We might even add a couple other instruments to the mix - more about that later.

The evolution of Andrew's sound will continue on this album as well. More like the funky soul and jazz-influenced sound of the Marvel disc of 'Secret Identity', this album will be laced with growing Hammond organ, and head-nodding bass and drums. This album will rock.

What's in it for you?

We want - no, we need your help in putting this album together. The last three albums wouldn't have happened without your support, and so we've come up with some rewards that are a culmination of favorites from previous Kickstarter campaigns and some new stuff to make it exciting.

Like before, the base of every reward is the album itself. Everyone who backs the project with any of the rewards will get a digital copy of the album at the same time we send it off to the CD production house. As soon as it's mastered and mixed, we want you to have it in your hands. In addition, you can get a physical copy of the album as well, featuring amazing artwork by Scott Johnson and Steve Hamaker.

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson
Steve Hamaker
Steve Hamaker

And speaking of Scott and Steve, we're also going to be presenting limited edition prints created by the two artists. If you've backed the previous Andrew Allen albums, you already know Scott Johnson's amazing art has graced the covers and interiors of the physical CD digipak. This year, I've asked Steve Hamaker to contribute artwork as well. Steve is the Eisner Award-nominated colorist of Bone comics, and the artist and writer of the online graphic novel, PLOX. The artwork that they create for the album will also be included in some reward tiers as high-quality printed art, ready to be framed and hung on your wall.

Like previous years, we'll have a custom-designed t-shirt that will be produced for the launch of the album and will only be available while they last. They'll never be reprinted, so you won't want to miss out.

We're adding a new reward this year: The Andrew Allen USB Flash Drive! With four albums, and some digital EPs, Andrew has recorded a LOT of music. And for this album, we're custom-designing a USB flash drive to load it all onto! Not just the four Coverville Records releases (Smooth Federation, Free Play, Secret Identity and the Star Wars Tribute), but also bonus tracks, demo versions, outtakes and alternate takes!

Another popular reward from last time, Producer Credit, gets your name (or whatever you'd like) printed in the CD digipak as an Executive Producer! We'll even throw in an extra copy of the CD so that you can pass it along to your family or friends and show them what a big shot you are!

Stretch Goals

We're adding some Stretch Goals this time around!

If we hit $13,500 before April 14 (a few days before the band heads to the studio to begin initial recording), we'll add a guitarist to the mix, giving the album one more layer of depth!

If we hit $14,500 before the band heads to the studio, we'll add a saxophonist, too: Bradley Esau, who also appeared on the 'Secret Identity' album!

And if we hit the not-so-lofty sum of $17,000 before the end of the Kickstarter, we'll produce a very limited-edition vinyl version of the album, and automatically include it for any backer contributing $99 or more!


Once again, thanks for checking out this Kickstarter. I hope you'll consider helping make this album happen!

Brian Ibbott
Coverville Records