Live! From the Cantina: A Funky Star Wars Jazz tribute

Created by Brian Ibbott

The Andrew Allen Trio is following up their popular Star Trek, Video Game and Superhero CDs with a tribute to the music of Star Wars!

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Coverville Records: Jazz Piano Trio meets NINTENDO
almost 6 years ago – Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 10:50:46 AM

Hello friends,

(If you've also backed other Andrew Allen albums, you're going to get multiple copies of this announcement - one for each album. Forgive us, please. We're trying to drum up some excitement over Andrew's current jazz cover project!)

We are pleased to announce our 2016 Kickstarter campaign, “JazzNESs: A Nintendo Jazz Tribute.” Andrew Allen is back, with a brand new album paying tribute to some of the most iconic soundtracks in Nintendo history. The Nintendo Entertainment System is an iconic part of video game history, and the music of the NES can take us on a nostalgia-driven journey to the best parts of our childhood.

The big motivation for this album is that Nintendo is releasing the NES Classic in November. The games on the NES Classic will be our selection for this year's Coverville Records release. That means that the CD will have over 30 arrangements produced and recorded by Andrew Allen; the biggest track list in Coverville Records history.

For this album, Andrew will be going back to his Coverville Records roots with Jazz Piano Trio (lounge/straight-ahead) arrangements for each NES Classic track. The evolution of Andrew's sound will continue on this album as well. He has explored the sounds of Funk, Blues, and Latin over the years, but one genre that has always remained a constant has been Jazz. This album will take on a "Smooth Federation" quality, creating a relaxed and swingin' vibe for the listener.

We thank you for your support of our previous work, and we hope that you’ll consider supporting our new campaign.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Coverville Records

P.S. - Here’s a sampler of a few tracks from the upcoming album.


Just about all Backer Rewards have been shipped!
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Still getting orders out!
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